How to reduce bloating quickly


Oftentimes I accidentally eat the ‘wrong’ foods and get so bloated that I couldn’t fit in the dress I prepared to wear. And this often happens right on the day I need to fit in a dress for an event. I know how frustrating that is when you just can’t wear the tight dress you were able to wear just a night ago. Trust me I know how that feels—it totally drives me nuts!

That being said, I was quite stressful and paid extra attention to what I ate a day or two before a big event. I completely avoided the stuff I’m highly sensitively to like soy sauce, MSG, and some brands of yoghurt (that contain starch and corn syrup).

Stressing out like that didn’t do any good because your body will release cortisol (the stress hormone). When the cortisol levels are high, your body will retain water. Yes……..a lot of water, which contributes to bloating! In other words, the more I was worried about not being bloating on the day, the bigger my tummy would be.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Bloating

One day I was looking into diet supplements that helped de-bloating on the Internet and YouTube. I found that many Youtubers talked about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) mostly on helping with weight loss and digestion.

What I was impressed the most was the numerous benefits of ACV claimed to be very effective for so many people in terms of weight loss and digestion.

I recall that one of my best friends mentioned about ACV a while back. She said she used it to treat her gastritis condition and it worked really well. I didn’t think anything much of it and given the sour taste of the ACV, it was hard for me to think that it would help treat gastritis when you had the pain from stomach acid. It just sounded counter-intuitive because the last thing you would want to eat when you have gastritis is sour foods.

Surprisingly, ACV is actually not acidic—ACV is the only vinegar which is alkaline-forming and helps neutralize stomach acid while the other kinds of vinegar are acid-forming.


Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help Digestion?

There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar ranging from immunity boost, blood pressure, hair care, skin care, sunburn relief, to deodorant.  Most people also use ACV for the digestive system to:

1. Relieve gas

2. Reduce heartburn

3. Promote alkaline level in the stomach and neutralize stomach acid

4. Help with constipation

My personal experience with ACV has been amazing and what I like the most about ACV is that it is very easy to drink (after you get used to the taste, of course) and it’s totally affordable. It is also natural so you don’t need to worry about drug or chemical residues like when you take medications.


The brands I tried

I tried these three and I like Bragg the best. I personally feel SW and Healthy Mate are a bit diluted while Bragg’s ACV is very dense in texture plus it is unpasteurized. However, some people who do not like the thick texture might like the first two better. Bragg’s ACV comes with instructions how to use it for household, treatment for allergies and digestive problems, cooking, etc.


Bragg ACV comes in two sizes: 32 oz and 16 oz.


In Bangkok, Bragg ACV has two sizes—16 oz and 32 oz. I like 16 oz better and I usually buy two of them and store one at home and the other at my office.


How soon does it work?

It takes about half an hour for me after drinking apple cider vinegar to see the result. My stomach’s size gradually goes down and if you wonder where the gas goes (TMI, I know), it mostly went away via burping (and I’m sure for some people, it’s also via flatulence).



Step 1: prepare ACV and water


There is a first time for everything and if you’re a first-time user of ACV, please be prepared for the not so unpleasant taste. I would not recommend you drink ACV straight on empty stomach (I tried that myself and it hurt my stomach).


Step 2: Pour two teaspoons of ACV or estimate the amount by counting 1-2 seconds

Step 3: Ready to drink. The amount of ACV is not much so there is only a slight change in the colour of the water

For me, it’s best diluting it with water and drink it right away. Some people found that the smell was also quite strong especially when mixing ACV only with water and nothing else. So if you are good with honey, you may want to add that to make it easier to drink (but I’m highly sensitive to honey myself so I just mix it with water).

I don’t really measure the amount of apple cider vinegar when mixing it with water and I don’t stir or shake the mixture. I would say, I just pour it to the glass for about 1-2 seconds (which should be as much as 1-2 teaspoons, approximately).

I would recommend that if you have a serious bloat, then go for 1-2 tablespoons mixed with water (room temperature is better) and drink one or two more glasses of water after.


When I looked like a 4-month preggars


Then just sit back and relaxed, let go of all the worries and stress (of being bloated, yes, trust me, it works). Some people don’t realize that stress is one of the things that contribute to bloating, the more you’re stressed about how you can’t wear the dress, the worse the bloating could get.

After half an hour, if you like, you can drink more apple cider vinegar (mixed with water). By this point, I’m sure your bloat will almost be gone.

The only flaw

Because bottled apple cider vinegar is in the liquid form, it’s not so convenient for us to carry it on the go and drink before meals.

However, I would say by starting your day with apple cider vinegar (mixed with water), it will help maintain a healthy PH balance in the stomach (alkaline PH level) and help our body absorb the nutrients from the meals during the day even better.


Alternatives to the liquid form

Many manufacturers of natural supplements also offer a more convenient way to consume apple cider vinegar. ACV powder is one of the alternatives, but I personally don’t like the powder version because it is usually mixed with maltodextrin (a corn derivative) and food starch.

Another alternative is capsules or pills, which are also good for those wanting to avoid the taste and smell of ACV as it is unpleasant for some people (my sister included).

I would recommend natural fermentation of apple cider which is non-GMO and gluten free such as Nutricost Apple Cider Vinegar  and NOW Apple Cider Vinegar

The pills or capsules are for sure more convenient but I personally like the liquid form the best. For during and after meals, I usually take Digest Extra and Pancreatin to help enhance the digestion.

ACV is my hero when I need to fit in a night dress.

I debloated within a couple hour by using ACV

So there you have it, my secret to de-bloat within less than an hour. Again, the results vary from person to person but I would say it works so great for me and many of my friends in the past months. APV is very affordable and has so many benefits especially for those having digestive problems. You can also use APV for cooking, hair treatment, skin treatment and what not.

I absolutely love my Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar because it has saved me so many times and allowed me to fit in the tight dress just in time for those special days 🙂