How to best cure IBS — effective and simple

I started to feel sick and unusually tired right after eating 8 years ago and I thought I just overate and didn’t really pay much attention to the symptoms. A year later it was getting worse. I had many of doctor visits and none of them could give me the answer of what I was going through.

I switched to alternative medicines and decided to take a food sensitivity test in Vancouver. A nutritionist at a nature path place was great. She performed the test on me and we found that I was highly sensitive to about 30 food items: coffee, nightshade plants, broccoli, corn, bell peppers, kale, etc. Among those I was allergic to prawns and honey. I later found out that the reasons behind all this extensive list was the condition called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The symptoms of IBS includes diarrhea, constipation, abdominal fullness, gas, cramping, etc.

My bloated tummy and my normal tummy

I moved back to Thailand in 2013 and I found it was much more difficult to be on a proper diet for my IBS conditions. I had been trying to find how to treat IBS but didn’t seem to have much luck. I struggled with staying unbloated because everything I ate seemed wrong and aggravated my IBS. Oh my gosh, my tummy was bloated most of the time and it was so big to the point that people offered their seats for me on the subway because they thought I was 4-month pregnant! I became depressed and I wasn’t very happy with how my stomach looked. I totally needed to look for ways to relieve IBS pain!


Not only IBS, but more digestive problems

Later I was diagnosed with gastritis, heartburn, migraines, and I assumed it was stress from work and relationships with people as I was in the period of adjusting back to the country of my birth and experienced a real reverse culture shock. I didn’t realize that stress piled up until one day I was diagnosed with gastritis, heartburn, and migraines. All these were known for being related to daily stress. I continued taking medication, which I absolutely didn’t want to, plus it didn’t really help ibs pain as much.

Two years into moving back to Thailand, I had troubles sleeping at night. It took me at least 1-2 hours to fall asleep and I noticed my body started not to function properly. I became sick more often and my stomach was always bloated.


A product that helps

One day I found AI/E10® ULTRA (Milk Protein Isolate MFT) that helps increase the body’s production of immune fighting proteins. I did some research and found more information on it with recent clinical study that show regular consumption of bovine colostrums may strengthen our immune system because it provides supplemental quantities of immune proteins.

Moreover, this milk protein has a great extract of bovine colostrums that provide a concentrated spectrum of supplemental immune antibody proteins and that will help boost primary immune fuctions. The product is so special in a way that it uses micro-filtration process to produce Colostrums Microfiltrate (MFT) with a concentration of 500 times more IgG than that in raw milk! And those with lactose intolerance will also have no problem taking this product because most lactose has been taken out.