At-home spa device

Born with great genetics?

Most people assume that great skin is all genetics. I was pretty lucky because I had close-to-perfect skin even though I didn’t take a good care of it. In my 20s, I often had late nights out and caught up my sleep here and there. I even went to bed with full makeup on (and woke up flawless). I continued this lifestyle until I turned 31 when I started to notice that my skin’s firmness was changing dramatically and it didn’t look radiant like before.


When I wanted to bring back my flawless skin!

I was looking for facial treatment like laser therapy or ionic treatment. After doing research online, I learned that they were expensive and might come with some side effects while not being to solve the real problem. Later I spent a fortune on many of the most popular skin care brands. Having used those products for months, I saw very least improvement and it wasn’t totally worth for money spent.


Galvanic Facial Spa

One day I got introduced to Galvanic Spa device. I doubted its effectiveness at first because the price was totally affordable and much lower than laser treatment at beauty centres in Bangkok. I was told to try only on half of my face just to see if there would be any difference in the following morning but I was so surprised to see the difference right after! I tried again a couple times on the same side and took a photo of myself that really showed the significant difference in terms of firmness and skin texture. I was pleased with the results like I had never been with any beauty products out there. I started to introduce this device to my friends and all of them have been pleased with the results.


When I first started using Galvanic Spa for three 5-min sessions in a week’s time (May 2016)