Customize your own skin care by using app

Customize ageloc Me!

To get the free skin assessment for ageloc Me, I downloaded ageLOC ME SEA on my mobile. I started with filling out some information about myself first, then my skin types, and preferences in terms of fragrance, texture, and SPF.

ageLOC ME code comes with a one-month supply and the code can remain the same (if you’re already happy with the results) or vary from month to month (if your skin improves and you want to focus on other skin problems.)


Going through three sections 🙂

The first question on the app is location. In the past years I used moisturizers designed by and for people living across the world, which of course, didn’t give me great results (unless I move there). I think it’s important to select the skin care that is not only suitable for our skin type but also for the weather and humidity. The fact that the code can change monthly allows people who travel often get to design their own skin care accordingly (plus ageLOC me comes with traveler kits).

The next questions are the degree of chemical and sun exposure. I mostly sit in the office all day so I would say I’m not much exposed to pollution or the sun on a daily basis. Some of my friends spend more time in the sun and might need to increase the degree to heavy exposure (5-7 hours a day).



Okay personal information is completed and now is my favourite part: My skin type




My skin type is both dry and oily, especially in the T-zone, which is most common. If you are not sure of your skin type, wash your face and wait for an hour until it returns to its natural state, dab your face with a tissue and see if there are any flakes or oil. If there are neither of those, then you have normal skin type. If you feel flaking skin, then it’s dry. And if there is grease on the tissue, then it’s oily type.




As for skin irritability, I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have much of that at all. Though I never have reaction from AHA, I’m not really a big fan of it. A lot of my friends have very sensitive skin and basically they are allergic to almost every single brand out there. That’s why they say ageLOC ME is a godsend for them as this question allows them to make sure their skin care won’t leave their face rash or itchy. The next question is Age Spots: I have quite a bit of those and they are quite light. Now they started to be fading; I’m just so impressed with the improvement!




In addition, I love that the app allows me to customize moisturizers and serums that specifically treat even the lines and wrinkles on my face! I noticed the difference and reduction of my eye lines only after a month’s use.

reduce face lines (76)



We’re now moving on to the question for skin’s firmness, radiance, and texture. I just turned 34 and my skin elasticity is somewhat firm. Apart from the daily routine of ageLOC ME, I also use Galvanic Spa, which really has improved my skin elasticity and texture. Both work like magic and the results are noticeable amazing so far.


Okay so we are almost there! The last step of customizing my own skincare is preferences for the day and night moisturizers–whether you want high, medium, or low SPF with light or heavy texture of lotion. I personally like the texture for day to be quite light as the weather in Bangkok is very humid and hot. While at night, I like it to be heavier and moister to restore my skin’s moisture while I’m asleep 🙂 As for fragrance, I like a bit of fragrance for my night regimen, which smells so fresh, clean, and sweet.




After completing those questions, now the application is ready to calculate my personal skin care code 🙂

And yay! Here it is, my personal skin care code is PV28