Best Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become popular as it serves multi-purposes. Apart from cooking, people started to use it for moisturing their skin, aiding their weight loss, enhancing immune system, and so on. I got introducted to coconut oil first time about a couple years ago when I learned about its benefit for fat loss as it is high in medium chain triglycerides—fatty acids believed to boost metabolism.

I started to discover later that not only is coconut oil very beneficial for our health, it can also be a substitute for so many products or items when it comes to moisturing your skin. Today I’d like to share with you how I use cold-pressed coconut oil on a daily basis.



1. Remove my makeup

I was a bit surprised when two of my friends recommended that I remove makeup with coconut oil. I was like.. Really? Coconut oil? It wasn’t until I ran out of my usual eye and lips makeup remover that I got to try their suggestions (basically there was nothing else i could use to remove my so-hard-to-get-rid-of mascara).

Some people might opt to use lotion (baby or any kind) when they don’t have makeup remover at hand, yet I find lotions are quite irritating when it comes to cleaning your eyes and the surrounding areas. I also stopped using mascara for a long while because of this reason as I never found any cosmetic remover products that could really make it easier for me to remove long-wearing mascara.



Well, coconut oil works wonder and is actually much cheaper than many brands’ makeup remover. result? I saved lots of money and the coconut oil also helps reserve moisture in my facial skin. Eye remover costs about 5-7 dollars and lasts about 3-4 weeks while coconut oil (1000 L.) costs around 20 dollars and last for over a year (even though I also use for other purposes).

2. Heal acne scars

Have you ever used expensive scar removing creams but saw least to no results? How about opting for coconut oil? I apply coconut oil on the affected area, massage it for 3-5 minutes then leave it over night. Then the following morning wash off with clean water and apply regular moisturizer.

I also use coconut oil to scrub the area to remove dead skin cells once a week. You can opt to do it more often like 2-3 times a week if you like.



3. Leg shave cream & skin moisturizer

Run out of shave cream? No problem. Use coconut oil!  I use it as lotion after shaving my legs or as a moisturizer.

Yes I apply some coconut oil on my legs before shaving and apply some more after to soothe the skin. You would just need only a little of it, though, so make sure you don’t pour a whole lot on my legs otherwise it would be too greasy to stay on the whole day. I like the smell of coconut oil and how it moistures my leg skin.



4. Nourish nail skin

I had problems with nail skin before; it was quite dry and I used to bite my nails a lot. I use coconut oil to soothe the area and sometimes massage it to make the skin smoother and softer. I do this at night though. I find it too oily to put it on during daytime when I’m out and about running errands or working.


5. As massage oil when massaging my feet.

I ask my message therapist to use coconut oil to massage my feet instead of the balm oil. It also helps nourish your feet palm skin, you can also leave it on your skin after. Unlike balm oil, the smell was much more pleasant (unless you’re a big fan of balm oil).


Chilling at my condo’s pool, getting some tan on


6. Helps sunburn

Have you ever lied down, enjoyed the sun, and fell asleep? That happened tome a lot and left me sunburn. Ouch, it wasn’t pretty and it hurt so much! Whenever I had sunburn, I always reached out to aloe vera. But when I ran out of it or there was no place to get one, I opt for coconut oil. Not only does it help soothe the skin, it also helps prevent wrinkles and bruises after.


      I use coconut oil as hair coating


7. Apply to hair as coating

Why buying hair coating on a regular basis when you can use coconut oil to protect your hair and even make it more shiny? I curl my hair pretty often and that leaves my hair quite dry normally. Thus, every time I wash and dry my hair, it usually gets quite dry and my tip is I use coconut oil as hair coating right after my hair is completely dry.



 8. I drink it after dinner, making me full longer.

When I started Intermittent Fasting (IF), it was at first so difficult to not eat after finishing the feeding window (if you wanna know more about IF, stay tuned for upcoming post).

I usually finished eating around 8 p.m. and start eating again at noon. For someone like me who used to munch until midnight and couldn’t get through the day with breakfast, it wasn’t easy at all to stick with the restricted eating time and complete abstained myself from grazing after the feeding window. Yet, coconut oil contributed to my success.

During the first week of starting IF, I drank coconut oil after the last meal (no matter how full I was) because I knew at some point later in the night, I would feel ‘hungry.’

Having a decent amount of fats, I find, is very important when doing IF because it’s fats that make you full longer and also fats don’t trigger insulin the way sugar does (again, more about the role of insulin later in coming posts).



9. Put coconut oil in the coffee or tea (bulletproof)

How to lose weight with coconut oil? Like I mentioned earlier how coconut oil makes you feel fuller longer, it works the same way when you need a little bit of something in the morning when you first start doing IF. For me, I now drink only just coffee or tea without coconut oil because I want complete fasting before breaking the fast at around noon. I, however, recommend for those first trying IF to put a bit of coconut oil in their coffee or tea (if you can’t stand having nothng at all the whole morning), then gradually cut back on the coconut oil and later completely remove it from your coffee or tea to give your body a full rest from digesting any kind of food.

To me, coconut oil feels more dense than butter. I had butter in my tea in the morning when starting doing IF and I didn’t have much success with it.


It became solid at the temperature lower than 4 degrees


I fell in love with coconut oil because it serves multi-purposes especially when you travel, you’ll realize how easy it is to just take a bottle of coconut oil with you everywhere instead of packing a lot of many products. If you’re like me, liking something easy to carry on the go and offers effective results for the purposes, then you’ll definitely also become a big fan of coconut oil once you’ve tried my tips above!