Sipping a cup of decaf latte at Starbucks one day, I felt that each coffee drinker is different and our choice of coffee reflects our personality and style. I also heard that a person’s coffee drinking style can predict the preference of wine varietals. For example, those who like black coffee usually go for a dry wine like cabernet sauvignon or shiraz. It is interesting that nowadays customization is so important that many businesses offer customization and personalization to compete with their competitors. I think because we all are unique in our ways and if we get to customize our coffee, so why can’t we personalize our skin care?

So how can we do that? The ability to customize surely comes with a high cost because it involves technology and innovation. Thus, not so many cosmetics brands can really offer customized skin care as it might not worth their investment.


When it comes to skin care, I am very selective of the products. I have used a lot of counter brands and spent tons on these products. Of course, they worked but not to point that I would stop looking elsewhere. I also have different kinds of skin problems that only one product might not solve so sometimes I ended up buying 4 kinds of serums, and maybe other 3-4 kinds of moisturizers for eyes and facial skin. Every morning, it took me about 15 minutes to apply all the serums and moisturizers. Now, it takes 10 seconds with two drops!

First time with ageLOC ME

When I got introduced to ageLOC ME, I was so impressed with this new technology that allows me to choose and customize my own skin care solution! I think it’s really cool that I have moisturizers specifically designed for me and by me! That’s why the product is named ageLOC ME because it is all about me!

I totally feel that ageLOC ME is totally a breakthrough anti-aging product and a first-of-its-kind customized skin care. It contains serums, day and night moisturizers and it features a smart skin assessment that allows you to design your own daily and night skin care routines. This is the first time ever that I got to customize my own skin care! Wow! And there are about 2,000 codes for different skin types and product combinations.


Now let me show you how ageLOC ME works. I am going to use the ageLOC ME mobile application called ageLOC ME SEA to customize my serums and moisturizers. Click the link below 🙂

How I customized my ageLOC ME!